About Sara

Sara McKinstry
This is me.

I’ve been through a lot in my time on the planet.

Breakups (some legal, some not). A chronic and (so far) incurable illness that comes with a lot of pain and fatigue. Career transitions (with a dose of sexism thrown in for good measure). A big move across the country. And being a 40-something single without kids in a couple and family-oriented world, to name just a few.


So I have a few life lessons here and there to share. All the evidence points to my utter fierceness. And I’m certain it does to yours as well.

Yet… I still question my own worth every day. And so does society. Hell, they make money off doing so.

Nevertheless, she persistedIf you identify as female, you know what I’m talking about. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, our worth is questioned ALL. THE. DAMN TIME.

Including by ourselves!

On average women live longer on average than men. We handle more pain with more grace. We birth babies and companies. So why do we have to take to the streets to demand what’s ours?

This website chronicles my journey to find my inner roar and let it rip. I hope in sharing my own journey, maybe I bring some laughs and insights to yours too. Together I bet we can find that elusive sweet spot between creating our own lives and giving up the illusion of control. Between fighting hard and letting go.

Between owning our fierceness and… Well, there is no in-between on that one.

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