Never wasting any of my time on you since….today

In honor of springing our clocks ahead, here’s a list of things I didn’t do today with the hour I lost.

And you guessed it: these are things I’ll never do again even though they’d always seemed right…. in line with my lack of self esteem or assertiveness.

Screenshot from It's All Coming Back to Me NowI guess you could say that my inner goddess is coming back to me now. And these bad habits?

Well, I’m never wasting any of my time on them again.

  1. Watching, reading or listening to DRUMP. Or any news about DRUMP. Or anyone who works for DRUMP.
  2. Pinching my belly and saying I’m fat.
  3. Singing softly so no one can hear me.
  4. Hiding what I like because I’m afraid someone will think it’s cheesy.
  5. Drinking apple cider vinegar or lemon hot water first thing in the morning. I’m so over it.
  6. Worrying. About anything.
  7. Saying the word sorry when I didn’t do anything wrong.
  8. Regretting past decisions.
  9. Thinking I’m too old to do…anything I want to do.
  10. Staying silent when speaking up will make a difference.

PS Why Celine? I was driving to work one day listening to the radio, and the DJ’s were talking about a poll someone somewhere did asking Americans what song they’d skate to in the winter Olympics. This was #1. Ever since I heard that, I cannot get it out of my head.

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