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Guess who’s back? Back again.

Sara’s back. Tell a friend.

Wow it’s good to see you again.

As some of you know, I blogged for a full year back in 2009-2010, post-divorce, sharing my life lessons as I did one new thing a week.

Fast forward 8 years and a lot has changed. The guy I met towards the end of my blogging is no longer in the picture. But my chronic migraines and fatigue still are. I moved from New Hampshire to California to start a new job – and start over.

And we’ve gone from the Obama to the Trump administration, which makes me vomit in pain worse than any of my strongest migraines.

Is the real Slim Shady finally standing up?

Now I know it seems odd for the Adele-loving me to chose Eminem as the theme for returning to blogging. But hear me out. The guy released his 9th album last year. His lyrics have evolved.

He’s no Beyonce in my book, but I admire his evolution. And the title of his last album: revival. For both artists, it’s about turning pain in power.

And that’s what I hope to revive in myself by restarting my blog. I’m going to focus on resilience: coming back from adversity better than ever.

Come along with me. It’s time for the real Sara to stand up again.

Here’s to less of the left, more of the right.