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Making history

36b42c3300000578-3714730-image-a-19_1469803220337Today I wear white in honor of the women before me who fought for my right vote and in celebration of woman I voted for as the first female president of the United States of America. It’s not lost of me that women throughout history have suffered and died for my right to vote, be educated, work, divorce, make my own reproductive choices, own property, wear what I want, worship as I choose, even live alone. But the white I wear today symbolizes not just women who look like me but women of EVERY color, orientation, shape, size, belief system, marital or maternal status, economic status, and place in this world. Thank you to every woman who fought so I could vote. Thank you to every woman who runs for office despite all the venom, lies and hatred thrown your way. Thank you to my own Mom who often worked more than one job so my sister and I could have the opportunities we did. Thank you to my Grandmas and to their Moms. And here’s the the female leaders of tomorrow, like my niece Macey and the students with whom I work. May you carry the legacy in the torch passed to you not with a heavy heart but with a light step filled with gratitude. And, oh yeah, give ’em hell Hillary! #imwithher #votevote


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